Welcome to Baby Storytime! Together, we can begin to develop and nurture your child’s love of books, music and the library. Since children at this age are not expected to sit still, our main goal is for everyone to just relax and enjoy the program. For some children, this may be their first group experience. To make it a happy one, we ask for your cooperation and assistance in the following ways:

  • Attend regularly, but please call if you cannot attend (so other families can attend during your absence).


  • Children love familiar patterns and routines. We may repeat many of the same nursery rhymes, songs, and books to help children become more comfortable with the program.


  • Don’t be afraid to sing out! Children love the sound of our voices as well as the rhythm of songs and rhymes (and children will model their adult caregivers).


  • We strongly recommend only one child per adult (not only so that each child has the full attention of the parent or caregiver, but also so each child has a lap to sit on for bounces).


  • If your little one needs to take a break (seems overwhelmed, becomes fussy or distracting) feel free to step outside the storytime room for a few minutes to calm down.


  • Please save adult conversations for before and after storytime. But feel free to stay and visit after the session is over (there is a ½ hour break in between sessions).


  • Please put toys and food away so they won’t be a distraction for the children.


  • Please register for a library card at the Circulation Desk if you do not already have one. Plan to check out books, DVDs, and CDs for your child. Playing recorded music and looking at books in your home increases awareness and builds self-confidence (and choosing new titles supports your child’s natural curiosity of books and reading).


  • The library staff will be happy to assist you, either before or after the class, with selecting books, recordings or other library services.


  • Relax and enjoy! We don’t expect your child to take part in all of the activities (he or she is being exposed to the world of language just by being here). Our goal is for everyone to have fun!

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Due to a building problem,
Alfred Noble Library will be
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