Civic Center Location
BarnesThe King of KindergartenJE BAR
BourgeoisFranklin Goes to SchoolJE BOE
BrillhartMolly Rides the School BusJE BRI
BuzzeoAdventure Annie Goes to KindergartenJE BUZ
CainesI Need a Lunch BoxJE CAI
CarlsonLook Out Kindergarten, Here I Come!JE CAR
ChildI Am Too Absolutely Small for SchoolJE CHI
CohenWill I Have a Friend?JE COH
DannebergFirst Day JittersJE DAN
DavisI’m Telling You, Dex, KindergartenJE DAV
DealeyK is for KindergartenJE DEA
De PaolaMorgan and Moffat Go to SchoolJE DEP
HarperA Place Called KindergartenJE HAR
HaysKindergarten CountdownJE HAY
HillSpot Goes to SchoolJE HIL
LangreuterLittle Bear Goes to KindergartenJE LAN
MahoneyMonstergartenJE MAH
MartinRachel Parker, Kindergarten Show-OffJE MAR
McGheeCountdown to KindergartenJE MCG
McGintyEliza’s Kindergarten SurpriseJE MCG
McNeeceRyan and Ruby go to KindergartenJE MCN
MiddletonEnrico Starts SchoolJE MID
MunschWe Share Everything!JE MUN
PennKissing HandJE PEN
PortisKindergarten DiaryJE POR
ReyCurious George Goes to SchoolJE REY
RobinsonPirates Don’t Go to KindergartenJE ROB
RogersKindergarten ABCJE ROG
RogersTiptoe into KindergartenJE ROG
RosenberryVera’s First Day of SchoolJE ROS
SchwartzAnnabelle Swift, KindergartnerJE SCH
ShannonDavid Goes to SchoolJE SHA
SilvestroButterflies on the First Day of SchoolJE SIL
SkarmeasMy First Day of SchoolJE SKA
SlateMiss Bindergarten Has a Wild Day…JE SLA
VernickIs Your Buffalo Ready for Kindergarten?JE VER
WellsMy KindergartenJE WEL
WellsTimothy Goes to SchoolJE WEL
WhybrowHarry and the Dinosaurs Go to SchoolJE WHY
WildTom Goes to KindergartenJE WIL
WingNight Before KindergartenJE WIN
YumMom, It’s My First Day of …JE YUM
BrownHow to be a Friend: A Guide to…J158.25 B
PasseIs Everybody Ready for Kindergarten?P-T J372.21 P
RadabaughGoing to SchoolJ372.124 R

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Alfred Noble Library

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Closed in 2019 due to
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