Civic Center Location
Austin Monsters Love School JE AUS
Boelts Little Bunny’s Preschool Countdown JE BOE
Brown D.W.’s Guide to Preschool [JE SERIES] ARTHUR
Carlstrom It’s Your First Day of School … JE CAR
Codell It’s Time for Preschool! JE COD
Cooney Chatterbox Jamie JE COO
Cousins Maisy Goes to Preschool [JE SERIES] MAISY
Deneen First Day of Groot! [JE SERIES] SUPERHEROES
Dewdney Llama Llama Misses Mama JE DEW
Edwards My First Day at Nursery School JE EDW
Fitzpatrick Silly School JE FIT
Hays Ready, Set, Preschool! JE HAY
Henkes Wemberly Worried JE HEN
Horse Little Rabbit Goes to School JE HOR
Hurwitz Russell’s Secret JE HUR
Lies Little Bat in Night School JE LIE
London Froggy Goes to School [JE SERIES] FROGGY
Martin Kitty Cat, Kitty Cat, Are You Going … JE MAR
Mayer The First Day of School JE MAY
McCarthy Lola Knows a Lot JE MCC
Neubecker Wow! School! JE NEU
Northway See You Later, Mom! JE NOR
Rich Back To School, Backpack JE RIC
Rockwell My Preschool JE ROC
Schmid Oliver and His Alligator JE SCH
Senisi Hurray for Pre-K! JE SEN
Sullivan Ming goes to School JE SUL
Thompson Mouse’s First Day of School JE THO
Willems The Pigeon Has to Go to School! JE WIL
Wing The Night Before Preschool JE WIN
Wohnoutka So Big! JE WOH
Yolen How Do Dinosaurs Go to School? JE YOL
Zalben Don’t Go JE ZAL
Brown How to Be A Friend J 158.25 BRO
Dodge Preschool for Parents 372.21 D
Hoffman Preschool Scholar P-T J370.11 S
Murkoff What to Expect at Preschool J372.21M
Rogers Making Friends J177.6R

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Carl Sandburg Library

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Alfred Noble Library

32901 Plymouth Road
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Closed in 2019 due to
structural issues
and water damage.

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Vest Pocket Library

15218 Farmington Road
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Phone: (734) 466-2559

Mon – Fri: 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.