Our seed library cabinet has been re-stocked and is ready for your 2024 gardening season.  There are many interesting new seed types and varieties.  Thanks to all our responsible seed stewards who made seed donations to help keep our seed library going.  The seed library relies exclusively on these donations.

Garden Tools Ready to Circulate!

Our broadfork is processed and ready for circulation!  This is the ideal tool for loosening hard packed clay soils so prevalent in the Livonia area.  Whether preparing beds for transplants or starting a new top-down vegetable garden, this tool will quickly loosen and decompact your soils for better planting results!
Garden or Digging Fork
The Garden or Digging fork is one of the most used tools in the home garden.  It is used for everything from loosening up soil,  to digging up plants, to separating perennials.  Check it out, take it home, and see how many jobs you can complete with it!
Seed Cleaning/Compost Sifting Screens
Check out a sieve for seed cleaning or to help separate soil or compost particles.

What is the Livonia Public Library Seed Library?

The Livonia Public Library Seed Library is a free public library resource for our community to borrow garden seed and learn about gardening and seed saving.  It is located on the second floor of our Bennett Civic Center branch in a former microfilm cabinet.

How does it work?

Patrons can check out up to 5 seed packets to plant in their home gardens. Grow the plants to seed, collect the seed and donate some back to the library to share with other community members.

Ways you can help?


Call Seed Librarian Ken Bignotti, 734-466-2460

Livonia Public Library Seed Library Mission Statement:


To offer free seeds for vegetable, flower, herb, and fruit seeds, and resources and programs to educate users in gardening and seed saving.   In doing so, we hope to:

  • Develop a source of open pollinated, heirloom and hand-pollinated seeds that are best suited to grow well in our region and climate.
  • Prevent hunger and promote healthy eating, better health and well-being and foster a community of resilience and self-reliance.
  • Contribute to and support community gardeners, form partnerships with local invested organizations and develop a local network of skilled seed stewards.
  • Increase library usage and community involvement and create volunteer opportunities for everyone in the community.

Why Save Seeds?

  • Protection from corporate domination
  • To assure that you HAVE seed to plant during this shortage due to so many more people gardening
  • Varieties you covet may not be commercially available
  • Preserve genetic diversity
  • Preserve flavor and nutrition
  • Preserve unique varieties
  • Preserve cultural heritage
  • Develop strains unique to your microclimate
  • Attract beneficial insects and pollinators
  • Save money
  • Learn new skills
  • Make seed saving part of your lifestyle

Glossary of Seed Saving terms

Seed Saving Resources from Seed Savers Exchange

We have many resources for seed saving on our educational resources shelf next to our seed library cabinet.

You can also find many seed saving videos for specific plants by searching (name of plant + seed saving) on YouTube.

Brassicas Recipes

Did you miss our Growing and Using Brassicas program on February 18? Not to worry! Try these recipes: 

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